A Few Easy Astral Projection Methods

There are lots of methods of astral projection. Other than most ordinary ones like the Monroe procedure or the Rope procedure, many procedures of astral projection have been practiced and developed. Some strategies work for individuals, some don’t, and therefore it’s always suggested to look for more types. It’s all up to the personality of this astral traveler, together with lots of background variables influencing their efforts to astral project.

Naturally, people ought to be tolerant and not give up if a technique does not serve from the very first moment. From time to time, the reasons for getting ineffective astral projection should is found at the professional’s character rather than in the procedure itself. Give every technique the right amount of time. Additionally, there are many approaches to accelerate the entire procedure and eliminate frustrations which are usually among the most typical causes of ineffective astral projection. With patience, you’ll shortly be in a position to project yourself to the domain of boundless possibilities.

Clothing For Astral Projection

Many people wonder what types of clothing they should be wearing for a good astral projection session.  The answer is to be wearing comfortable clothes that are and airy.  So jeans or any tight or uncomfortable clothing is not recommended.  You’ll also want to ensure that you don’t get cold during the session so some good comfortable gym leggings are usually a good choice.

Astral projection methods would be the final step you need to handle before you actually project yourself. Be certain that you do it correctly, with complete concentration. Here are just two easy methods for astral projection.

1. The Stretch outside Technique

The Stretch out strategy could have outstanding results if correctly done. It provides your astral body a simple approach to break out from the physical body. This technique essentially requires one to envision your body extending out in a particular way. Lie down and shut your eyes. Initiate the relaxation procedure with breathing and releasing stress from the entire body. Then, first envision your toes extending out and growing in size by several inches. When you receive the very clear image of your toes being stretched out, then cease and then enable them to return to their standard size in your mind.

Next, pay attention to your mind and do exactly the same thing, imagine it stretching. After that, see your mind return to its usual size. Next, return to your feet and then to your mind and so forth. Stretch them out more and more every time. You need to picture them stretched out with several feet. After that, try to envision yourself stretched out so fat that you can fill up the entire room.

Remain really relaxed and serene. The following feeling, along with the vibrations of your own body, is going to be to feel like you’re drifting and climbing from your physical body up to the point when you’re fully separated from it. This is only one of the simplest methods to exercise and may be of excellent advantage for novices.

2. The Hammock method

The Hammock method is a good relaxation exercise. It is also a simple way to achieve astral projection. This way is based on easy breathing and relaxation procedures. As a result, step one would be to lie down and to begin focusing on your breathing.

Breathe rhythmically, using a deeper than normal breathing. After each inhale and exhale, you need to hold your breathe for several seconds. After a time, based on your degree of focus, your own body will begin to unwind; you breathing will probably possess continuous rhythm. Your brain should be clear of any thought.

Now, imagine yourself lying in a hammock as the hammock sways back and forth. You have to get the feeling of the wind on your entire body as you’re completely relaxed moving back and forth. Bear in mind that this is a time when you might fall asleep, which means that you must attempt to keep your brain alert while your body wants to be asleep. Repeat this process until it’s possible to truly feel the vibrations which are the primary symptom of the start of astral projection.

You’ve got to be wholly conscious of the vibrations and how they change in strength. At the instant when you start to feel tingles, in addition to a rapid heartbeat and vibrations all around the body, you’re just seconds away from the separation between your astral body and your physical one. You’ll also begin hearing different sounds, frequencies, and waves in the astral measurement; do not be frightful, simply keep your concentration until the minute of the separation when you’ll have the ability to see your physical body from over.